Check the 2020 calendar

Our calendar has no dates in red.

As you will see in our calendar there are no dates highlighted in red. We work every day of the week, except on the days when one of our friends celebrates his or her birthday.

For us, that day is very special, and we value and celebrate it.


STEMM's smart grabs

STEMM has successfully developed “Smart grabs”.

These grabs work at a different speed depending on the resistance they find when manipulating different products, diverse and mixed.

STEMM has developed a new range of state-of-the-art grabs. Smart Grabs that during each handling process automatically...

GRAB-CONNECT. STEMM’s new service for remote control

Grab-Connect: continuous remote monitoring, assessment and control.

We present you our GRAB CONNECT remote control service.

Grab Connect allows you the continuous remote monitoring, assessment and control of the grab, and you can also programme it and adjust it in real time. This new tool...

STEMM: On-line prices service

A formidable work and management tool

STEMM presents its new service of ON-LINE PRICES which will enable you to evaluate and calculate your projects and investments in a PRACTICAL, RAPID and EFFICIENT way, finding out immediately the current prices and delivery dates.

Visit our site and click on the...

The most up-to-date hydraulic orange peel grabs that will be used in the new port of Safi (Morocco) to allow complete the construction works

These late years, Stemm has been developing new products and techniques for dredging at big marine depths.

The system and techniques used by Stemm are an alternative to traditional orange peel grabs, are innovative and have several registered patents.

These underwater grabs, used for dredging from 100 m. onwards, have been installed in STORNES ships  equipped with...

Joints free of lubrication and maintenance

Our engineers from the Research, Development and Innovation Department have developed with great success, maintenance and lubrication free joints.

Our Engineers from the R&D&I Department have successfully developed joints for all our orange peel grabs and clamshell grabs which require no maintenance or lubrication. This greatly facilitates the conservation of machines in optimal working condition.