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RENEWAL service


Grapples and grabs are often subjected to hard and intense work, which leads to wear and tear on the machines and their components. There may also be old equipment of another brand that has chronic mechanical and/or hydraulic or electric problems. Your current facilities, with many old machines, may well need urgent modernisation and renewal.

STEMM offers renewal, transformation and updating services with its RENEWAL PLAN.

Welcomed in many sectors, this service consists of:

  • The removal and replacement of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic units with problems of frequent overheating.
  • Repair and replacement of joints.
  • Cleaning, reinforcement and repair of claws, valves and structures.

INNOVACION plan renoveRENEWAL Service: Before and after.

Thanks to this service, owners of grapples and grabs are able to renew their equipment and ensure they are in perfect condition in a very affordable manner. Sometimes our renewal services are required to prepare machines to be kept as spares.